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 Freedom to Ride.


How it Works

In just two taps, you can conveniently pick up and drop off a bike. Thanks to our latest technology, Gobee.bike helps solve short commute needs and integrates fitness and leisure into the busy urban lifestyle – all while reducing congestion and the city's carbon footprint.

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Download the app and register. Locate a bike near you.

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Scan and Ride

Scan the QR code at the rear of the bike or enter the bike's barcode into the app to unlock.

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Ride to your destination of choice. Park the bike at any location eligible for bicycle parking.  Lock up to finalise the trip.

The Gobee.bike is exactly the type of bike you need, at precisely the moment when you need it.

The Only Bike You Need For City Life

At the tap of a button, you can find a Gobee.bike and ride away.

As Hong Kong's first station-less bike sharing platform with global ambitions, Gobee.bike is setting a new trend towards healthier living and a greater concern for the environment.  

Integrating fitness, leisure and convenience into your daily lifestyle.


Why Choose Gobee.bike?

Convenience. Affordability. Seamless mobile payment. A global community of urban riders who value an active and healthier lifestyle in a less congested and polluted city. If this resonates with you, then Gobee.bike is the only bike you will need for urban living.  

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Say goodbye to docking stations. In just two taps, you can locate a bike near you and ride away. With a large fleet, you can readily find a bike near you at all times. 

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Our bike rentals are a fraction of the price you would pay to catch a taxi or Uber.

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Seamless mobile payment

No more pay stations or bundles of notes or coins. With integrated payments you can scan, ride and pay without leaving the app.

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Where To Find Our Bikes

Map of our bikes (note: please download our app to see real-time location of our bikes)

Map of our bikes (note: please download our app to see real-time location of our bikes)

There's a GoBee bike for everyone.

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