Win a trip for 2 to Phuket with the #gobeedate photocontest

Attention gobee lovers, the first #gobeedate photocontest is here.

Grab your other half, strike a pose with a gobee bike, and capture that ‘Kodak’ moment for your chance to be whisked away on a romantic gateaway with your other half to Phuket – courtesy of reward-U, the loyalty program of HK Express.

Sounds convincing, eh? So what’s the deal?

The terms are simple. All that is required is for you to find a significant other – or a willing protagonist in crime (hello, Tinder) – and locate a or two (or a mob if you will). Then stage the best set up you can possibly imagine and snap away!

For us to review your photo(s) and assess the winning piece, you will need to:

1. Like our facebook page.

2. Stage and shoot your best picture with your other half and at least one gobee bike.* Feel free to dress up and get as creative as you like.

3. Tag and share the picture on both your facebook walls.

4. Hashtag #gobeedate and #rewardU.

We will judge internally based on creativity and originality. The competition will run from 1-30 September so feel free to submit as many photos as your heart desires.

The winner will be announced in the first week of October and will hear from us. He/she will then receive a prize notification letter from reward-U with instructions as to how to redeem the flights.

Tips to increase the odds of flying:

* Your imagination knows no boundaries. So feel free to dress up, get some props, bring in the animals, or pool together a mob of gobee.bikes to stage the most creative and original photo you can fathom.

* Feel free to submit as many pictures as you like. Just remember to hashtag, tag and share them all.

* It is advisable to post and hashtag on both facebook and instagram as we will troll through both of these platforms to select the winning masterpiece.

*Important Terms & Conditions:

* Our bike(s) have to be clearly visible in order to fulfil our eligibility criteria. That is, it is not a “spot the in the photo” type of contest. Repeat – this is not a “where’s wally?” exercise. If our green bike(s) is not visible to the naked eye at first glance, it will be ruled out of the admission criteria. Sorry!

* We are covering the cost of the flights only for 2 persons up to the value of 270,000 reward-U points (enough to redeem a round trip to Phuket). Any accommodation and miscellaneous expenses are to be borne by the winning couple.

* For the winner to redeem the flights, he/she will need to sign up for a rewardU account (at no cost). Note that the winner will have the discretion to not fly to Phuket as he/she will be rewarded with 270,000 points to redeem any flights to any destination (extra cost differential to be borne on the incumbent) before 31 Dec 2017.

* By entering the #gobeedate photocontest and hashtagging, you have implicitly granted the right to feature your photo(s) across our social media channels without needing your explicit prior consent.

* In any cases of dispute, the rights of final decision belong to and rewardU.