The GoBee Ride. Two Wheels, One Community – Tour of Kam Tin

Hello Fellow GoBee Fans!

What if you could connect with other people near you who just want to go out for a ride every now and then?

That would be a social cyclists dream come true.

For those of you who were aware, we originally planned for our first GoBee Community Ride on 24th June with Velo 6, a cycling cafe in Central. Due to adverse conditions, however – and much to our chagrin – we had to unceremoniously cancel the event.

That said, don’t despair. Contributing back to the community in the form of lowering carbon emissions, reducing congestion and making short commutes much more efficient for Hong Kong people is at the core of why we exist. It is what propels us to work so hard everyday, giving us purpose and meaning to achieve something bigger than ourselves.

As an extension of our endeavours to better serve the community at large, orchestrating social rides to connect like-minded individuals together is another major initiative underpinning our overriding mission.

To better run our social rides (what we have now dubbed “GoBee Rides”), we have partnered with EcoGreen Hong Kong. Led by a group of professional Eco and Geo guides, many of their guides have accumulated more than 10 years of experience and are the Recommended Geopark Guide (R2G) by the Hong Kong Geopark.

So what can one expect from these social riding tours? Apart from sight-seeing and meeting (and making) new friends amongst the group, the Eco guides will share some in-depth insights with riders on ecological and geological theory and environmental sustainability.

For those who are interested, our next social ride is scheduled for 29th July, Saturday. We will meet at 10am outside Yuen Long MTR Exit J with a batch of shiny new aluminium GoBee bikes awaiting us. The journey will roughly take 2 hours and we will say our farewells to each other at Kam Sheung Road MTR.

Spaces are limited to 20 pax and is filling up fast. To sign up for our next GoBee Ride, please email with “GOBEE RIDE – KAM TIN” as the subject. First come, first serve basis. As we care about your safety, we have arranged for brand new helmets to be provided by Nutcase. Please bring your own water bottles (our bikes are equipped with baskets).

*Note: a nominal fee of 20HKD per person will go to the guide. Standard GoBee bike rental fees apply (i.e. 5HKD for 30 minutes).

Two wheels, one community. That is what our GoBee Rides strive to achieve. Are you ready to ride with us?