Introducing the GoBee Community Ride

Come join us in our first positive social cycling movement! To register, email us at with “GOBEE RIDE” in subject title.

Hello all you cycling aficionados and friends of GoBee!

After more than six weeks in operation, the time has come and we are proud to introduce to you our very first GoBee Community Ride.

Cycling with us improves the quality of life, inspires our community, and contributes to meeting others and making new friends. Through our positive social bicycle rides, we hope to increase community awareness about riding safety, how our station-less smart bikes work, and of course, how to have some fun outdoors with other cycling enthusiasts.

To kickstart this social cycling movement, our first Gobee Community Ride event will be a joint collaboration between the cycling cafe Velo 6 x HYAKU cold pressed juices.

Details of the riding itinerary are set out below:

No. of Participants: 15 bikes in total. Please register by emailing us*.

Route: Round trip from Central to Kennedy Town and back

Date and Time: 24th June 2017, 3:30pm-6:30pm.

Cost: Nothing. We are waiving the rental fee. However, as part of the demo, attendees will still be required to download our app and register, thereby incurring the 399HKD safety deposit fee (which is refundable).


15:30 –Congregate outside Velo6 cafe (6 On Wo Lane, Central) and greet our bikes, members from our team, and fellow riders. Sip on some cold-pressed HYAKU juice to quench your thirst.

16:00 – Start riding

16:20 – Arrive Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park – Picture time (checkpoint 1)

16:50 – Arrive Western Wholesale Pier – Picture time (checkpoint 2)

17:40 – Ride back to Velo6

18:15 – Completion of the ride and mingle at Velo6. Hydrate with more HYAKU juice or coffee and ice-cream served at Velo6.

*To register of this event, simply email us at with “GOBEE RIDE” in the title. We have a quota of 15 bikes available. First come first serve basis.