It is with a heavy heart that we are officially announcing to our community the termination of service in France on DATE. This was a tough decision to make as we believed we could serve our users with a smart transportation service. And it was a disappointing and extremely frustrating decision for the entire Gobee staff, who has worked hard and with passion until the very end to make this project a success

As you may have already heard, on January 9, 20, 8 we were forced to end our services in 3 cities: Lille, Reims and Brussels. We did not give up and were still eager to succeed in cities where we were still operating in, as our number of rides was growing, and we hoped for the best.

But we were wrong.

Over the months of December and January, the mass destruction of our fleet has become the new entertainment of underaged individuals, encouraged by content broadly shared on social media. In total, it is more than a thousand bikes stolen or privatized, nearly 3,400 bikes broken nationwide, around 280 complaints filed to the French Municipal Police and close to 6,500 repairs performed by our on-the-ground agents and repair partners.

It was sad and disappointing to realize that a few could ruin such beautiful and promising project. We had to come to the conclusion that it could not be viable and there was no other choice for us than shutting down, nationwide. 

In 4 months, we have accomplished fantastic things. We would like to thank each of you who supported us in this project and turned it into a shared passion.

We thank our community of users for all the kind messages and for the hundreds of thousands of rides on our green bikes. We thank you for your trust, your support, your patience and for challenging us to improve.

We thank our partners for seeing in this project the opportunity to raise awareness on the importance of a new mobility.


We thank the team from every city and every country where we operated. We were all bound to the same conviction that together we could disrupt mobility, where freedom of use and community can be equally fuelled through innovation.

We thank the French Municipal Police, who has restlessly supported us to ensure the safety of our fleet on a nationwide basis, and the public administrations who have worked with us and opened the door to an innovative service led by French entrepreneurs. was born from our passion for mobility. We encourage you to keep spreading the values inherent to bike-sharing and itself: freedom, community, and innovation.

Values that brought us this far and that gave life to this amazing project.

Maybe we will see you a next time? Who knows! Life is a long adventure!

Goobee-bye !


The Team




In brief, what happened?

We started operations on October 5, 2017 in Lille and consequently launched 7 other cities in Europe. In 4 months, 60% of our fleet was destroyed, stolen or privatized, making the whole European project no longer sustainable.


But… Did your solution work?

We do think so. We had more than 150,000 users all over Europe in few months, strong media coverage and kind messages from our users on social media. In France, people spent on average 12 minutes on our bikes and have ridden 448,121 km since inception. Congratulations to Parisians who rode together around 100 times the distance of the Tour de France, or have circled 11 times the globe… for a total of 0 carbon dioxide emission. The planet is proud and thanking you all! Good job guys!


Did you succeed in catching people responsible for the acts of vandalism?

The French Police caught some of them, either during the act or thanks to our geolocalization. Some investigations are still ongoing. We are prosecuting them and we expect them to pay economically and socially for their actions.


What will you do with users’ credits and deposits?

We will refund everyone. Simple as that.


What is your fleet becoming? Is it going to stay in the street?

We have collected our fleet from the streets by our own means. Should other bikes pop up for any reason, we have put in place partnerships and agreements with third parties: city halls, associations, scrap dealers to collect them.