How to activate and use our bike sharing service?

What is GoBee.bike’s bike-sharing service?

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Gobee.bike is Hong Kong’s first cashless and station-free bike sharing service that aims to solve the last mile destination problems commonly experienced in large cities.

Gobee bikes are easily accessible via a user-friendly smartphone app so that with just two taps, users can locate a bike, unlock it and ride it to any destination of their choice.

Having launched in Hong Kong on 19 April 2017, receptivity has been phenomenal and we are working towards our global expansion plans to better service citizens abroad too.

It is our ambition to redefine urban transportation and create a greener and cleaner environment for us all. At the same time, we strive to promote a healthier transport alternative that can be incorporated in the daily lifestyles of busy urban dwellers.

What is Gobee.bike’s Vision

Gobee.bike’s vision is two-fold: to solve last mile transportation needs and to promote a healthier lifestyle and greener environment for urban dwellers.

Currently, there are limited transport options to address the short distance travel problem faced by city dwellers. By introducing the simple bicycle in dense cities, people can now complete short trips affordably and conveniently without the need to own and store a bicycle. At the same time, by promoting cycling as a transport option, Gobee.bike is introducing incidental exercise into the lifestyles of urban dwellers and reducing carbon emissions, thereby fostering a healthier lifestyle and better quality of life for everyone.

What are the deposits and fares?

Upon activation of an account, Gobee.bike requires a deposit of HKD399. This deposit is fully refundable upon deletion of the account and is simply there to ensure proper safekeeping of our new bikes. Refund will be issued immediately upon notice of deactivation and may take up to 10 days to show up on the users account.

As for the rental fare, Gobee.bike currently charges HKD2.5 per 15 minutes. 

About the Gobee.bike and how to unlock them

GoBee’s Bikes are easily identifiable in a bright green color and are equipped with a basket, a solar-powered GPS smart lock and smart light system for night rides and an integrated alarm system to prevent theft. The locks can be unlocked within seconds simply by scanning the unique QR code

How to rent a Gobee.bike?

To rent one of the Gobee.bikes, users can log in to our mobile app (available in the App Store and on Google Play), register their credit card and then locate the nearest bicycle on the app. For those without credit cards, we have also integrated alternative payment services such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Alipay. Users can sign up by creating an account with their mobile number and login with their Facebook account.

Bikes can be parked in any public parking spots. By locking the bike, the system automatically stops charging, and the total usage time and price will be shown in the app. Note that parking inside private properties is prohibited.

How to add more credit

Users’ current account balance is displayed under their profile picture. Should users run out of riding credits, they can top up by clicking on the account balance, selecting the amount they wish to add and then confirming payment. Credits will be instantly added to the account.

Can I withdraw money from my wallet?

The credit becomes the property of Company. The remaining credit on your account is not refundable in case of cancellation by you, and any credit left on your account will remain the property of the Company.

I am worried about the security of my credit card information. Should I be concerned?

We use Stripe as our payment providers. All card information is encrypted with 256 bits before it reaches our server. Neither we nor anyone else can see your card details when you make a booking. We will never store your full credit card number.

Can I reserve a bike?

Currently we do not accept prior reservations of our bikes. However, we are working on integrating this feature in due course.

Can I book a few Gobee.bikes with the one account?

Currently we only accept one account per Gobee.bike rental. Later on we will enable the ability to book multiple bikes with the one account.