Winter Seasonal Price Slash – Ride for shorter commutes at HK$2.5 / 15 minutes

Gobee lovers, we got good news for you!  Being a customer-centric bike sharing operator, we’ve taken into account your feedback and assessed our data.

Many of you have expressed the desire for us to reduce the 30 minute time interval for renting to cater for those of you who only use our bikes for short commutes. We have taken that into account and after much discussion, we have now slashed our rates and rental time by half so that you can enjoy Gobee for HK$2.5/15 minutes. But be quick as this offer is seasonal over the winter season and will last up to the Lunar New Year.

Happy riding this festive season!

Lots of love,

The Gobee Team


12 Days of Christmas Gobee Giveaway

Woot! With Christmas just around the corner, we have prepared a fun 12-day Christmas Giveaway campaign for our fans.

How does it work?

From 20th-31st December, we are going to award a lucky winner a surprise gift dependent on the mystery criteria of the day. Every night at 11:59pm we will announce the surprise gift and criteria for the following day, as well as the winner for that day. As such, the first announcement will be made on 19th Dec, 11:59pm for the 20th Dec prize. Likewise, the last announcement will be made on 1st Jan.

We have assembled a plethora of surprise gifts for you, so stay glued onto our facebook page and enjoy the fun journey as we roll out a consecutive stream of delightful surprises for you over this festive season.

Finer details + terms and conditions:

  • We will reach out to the winner on email (so please download our app and start riding now!) or on facebook depending on the winning criteria of the day.
  • Some prizes will require the winner to redeem the prize in person at our office. But in most instances, will, via a logistics company, deliver the prize to the winner’s address of choice.
  • In any cases of dispute, reserves the right of final decision.
  • Prizes are non-refundable nor exchangeable.
  • bears no responsibility in instances of damage(s) to the prize.


Temporary bike maintenance

Hello Gobee Fans,

It has come to our attention that many of you are upset and frustrated that our bikes are still not up and running. Keeping our fans happy is very important to us so we are deeply sorry that you have been affected by this.

As a loyal patron of, we owe it to you to provide you with an explanation of how this interruption of services happened.


What happened? 

As of 2 November, we’ve experienced some server downtime that sadly interrupted our bike operations.


Due to the sheer number of new users across Hong Kong in recent months our network provider has experienced an outage which has affected our locks our network provider experienced an outage which affected our locks.

What happens next?

We have been working tirelessly and exploring all angles to resolve this situation which includes upgrading our locks so that you can ride our bikes again. This maintenance may take a little time so please bear with us. We have also been speaking with all the major Hong Kong telecom companies.

We will let you know in due course as soon as our operations are back to normal. And as a token of your support for our green transport and your kind understanding, we will automatically credit all of our existing users with HKD50 of complimentary Gobee riding credits to be used within three months.

During this time, we have added reinforcement to our customer service team. Should you have any further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out on or on our hotline at +852 3018 1708.

Once again, apologies for letting you down.


Warm regards,

The Gobee Team

Gobee Launches in Turin, Italy – Another Milestone

Today marks another important milestone for us as we make our first debut in Turin, Italy.

Known for its refined architecture and cuisine, Turin must be one of Italy’s most unsung cities. While most travelers to Italy head to the triptych Rome-Florence-Venice, Turin appears to remain off the tourists’ radar. Not off our radar, however.

Rome may have its association with Antiquity and Florence with the Renaissance, but Turin is Italy’s regal city per excellence. As the capital of the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, sports cars and chocolate are a matter of pride. Come to Turin and expect to be greeted by large, majestic boulevards, arcaded shopping streets and countless historic cafes. Coming to think about it, there is probably no other city in the world with as many historic cafés still in operation, where you can soak up the revolutionary and literary atmosphere of the 19th century. Nietzsche, Puccini, Cavour and Cesare Pavese were all habitués of these famous coffee houses.

Launching in Turin marks the fourth country our green bikes have proudly set their tyres upon. From our inaugural debut in Hong Kong, our hometown, our humble fleet have boldly ventured overseas to serve the communities in France, Belgium and most recently, Italy. Depicted below, is a summary of our key milestones achieved since our birth in April.


As you can see, our growth trajectory thus far has been marked by a momentum of milestones. While the journey has certainly been exciting, is not without its challenges. Perhaps the most salient reward of all though, is the sheer number of compliments we received amongst our users from different cities of how much they love our bike-share system. What people are telling us is that this is different than other parts of the transportation network. The way they see bike-share as being flexible, as being individual, as being immediate, as being place-to-place rather than station-to-station—that fits in with the way they think about their life right now.

Which brings me to draw one final conclusion: Time has come to adopt a new paradigm for sustainable urban transport. And that time is now. By continuing to improve our operations to make the customer experience as seamless as possible, we hope to penetrate more markets globally in hopes of introducing a convenient eco-friendly mode of intra-city transport for citizens of the world.

Gobee and the Pink Revolution

Ride Gobee on 27 October and Raise awareness for Breast Cancer

October is Pink Revolution Month

Next friday 27 October is Dress Pink Day and The Gobee Team are expressing their care by donating ALL proceeds from rides earned that day to the Hong Kong Cancer Fund (‘HKCF’). Such funds will go towards supporting free breast cancer care services that help patients and families live with, through, and beyond breast cancer.

Moreover, whoever rides our “Pinkie” (for those who are unaware, we have a pink out there) on that day will earn 100HKD of free bonus riding credits.

Hong Kong Cancer Fund is Hong Kong’s largest cancer support organisation, providing free information and professional support to anyone living with or affected by cancer. While our goal at Gobee is to make life better for people by introducing a smarter and more efficient way for them to traverse short distances, HKCF’s goal is to make life better for people touched by cancer.

In light of the growing incidences of breast cancer, Gobee has decided to tie up with HKCF’s Pink Revolution, an annual breast cancer awareness and fundraising campaign. The Pink Revolution campaign aims to promote the importance of early detection and raise funds for free breast cancer support services. On Dress Pink Day, people across Hong Kong wear pink to raise awareness and funds to support women with breast cancer. Pink is the colour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a global campaign that takes place every October to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Some Local Statistics on Breast Cancer

  • Since 1993, breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women in Hong Kong.
  • Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer and ranks as the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths for women in Hong Kong.
  • Female breast cancer cases diagnosed in Hong Kong has tripled from 1,152 in 1993 to 3,868 in 2014. On average, about 10 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day.
  • The median age of breast cancer patients was 55 in Hong Kong, compared with the age of 61 in the US, 62 in Australia and 50 in Singapore.
  • Lifetime breast cancer risk for females is 1 in every 16. In 2014, 57% of the women diagnosed with breast cancer were aged 40-59. The older the age, the greater the risk.
  • Young people are not immune from the disease. The youngest case reported was below 20 years old. 

What can you do to show that you care too?

  • Simply pick up a Gobee bike that day and ride knowing that you are indirectly contributing to support free breast cancer cancer services. Hashtag #gobeepink.
  • Hunt down our Pinkie to ride on 27 October and earn a bonus of 100HKD free riding credits from us (i.e. total of 10 hours).
  • Dress pink for the month of October and send your photo/video to HKCF so they can put it up on their platform and raise awareness of breast cancer.
  • Donate HK$120 or more to support a Pink Recover Pack which will go to the bedside of a breast cancer patient who has undergone surgery.
  • Donate online here.

Gobee to become the first dockless bike sharing operator in France

After much groundwork from the Gobee Team, we are proud to announce – if you have not read about it already – our inaugural debut in France last Friday, 6 October 2017. Our landing in France marks a tremendous milestone for us – and for bike sharing history – as we officially became the first dockless bikesharing operator in France.

Our soft launch in Lille last Friday was a success. Characterised by a young, vibrant and dynamic community, the city of Lille greeted our green bikes with much enthusiasm and warm receptivity. Needless say, we brought smiles to many passerbys and made headlines in the press.

Ensuing Lille, we made even more international headlines with our official debut in Paris, our headquarter for Europe. The City of Lights greeted our eco-friendly fleet with boundless joy and enthusiasm. Amidst the excitement of being the first dockless bikeshare operator in town, adoption was rapid, with Parisians signing up and registering for a Gobee account the very same day.


Despite the hype for our green fleet, we continue to remind ourselves to remain humble and focused on our overriding mission to transform the way urban dwellers travel.

With our first European launch, we hope to redefine urban mobility by making our bikes the predominant mode of transport for short commutes. At the same time, we hope to instill a greater conscience for sustainability and clean living amongst city dwellers.

Together, we can make for a better city, one ride at a time.

“Think France, Think Gobee” Lucky Draw.

To celebrate our official launch in France, we are giving away 6 lucky female fans the opportunity to experience riding underwater with Velocity, Hong Kong’s first aquabike studio.

Designed and engineered in France, pedal amongst 26 jacuzzi jets and burn up to 600 calories in one session. To complete the experience, you can experience a Japanese Sauna. Designed with the latest infrared spa technology, this private sauna cabin will reduce water retention, and burn up to 300-500 calories in a 30 minute session. With repeated sessions, say goodbye to the “orange peel effect”.

To enter the lucky draw, simply like our “Think France, Think Gobee” facebook post, share and tag a friend. We will announce the winners on 3 November 2017.

Terms & Conditions:

  • For female customers only (sorry boys, the machines and spa session are designed to cater for us ladies only).
  •  Offer expires on 31 Dec 2017.
  • Advanced bookings are needed. Call 2110-4460 for bookings.
  • In case of any disputes, the decision of Velocity shall be final.

More information can be found on Velocity’s website.


DBS Promotion

Ahoy DBS credit card holders! We have some good news to share with you – your DBS credit card will entitle you to free riding credits from

From now until end of October, the first 600 DBS credit card holders to register and pay our refundable 399HKD safety deposit on our app will be automatically credited with HK$50 worth of free gobee riding credits upon entering the promotion code “DBS$50”.

Should you miss out on this deal, we also have a year-round offer (until 31 Dec 2018) with DBS whereby users who register and pay the 399HKD deposit with a DBS credit card will earn HK$10 of free riding credits upon entering the promotion code “DBS$10”.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Offer limited to first time users of only.
  • Promotion code and credits will only be rewarded upon payment of the refundable HK$399 deposit and minimum top up amount (i.e. HK$50).
  • Credits expire upon 3 months of redemption.
  • Offer not applicable to DBS Black American Express Card.
  • For the Limited Time $50 Offer, there is a quota of 600. First come, first serve basis.
  • In any cases of dispute, and DBS reserve the right of final decision as well as the right to vary or terminate the above Offers.

Calling our Gobee Captains!

Leaders wanted. Apply now.

Ever wanted to become a Captain Kirk? Well, here is your chance to become a Kirk in your own right and be empowered with free Gobee riding credits. By applying to become a Gobee Captain you will be bestowed the privilege of arranging and organising your own cycling tours around the city in our name (with the recognition going to you of course).

Privileges of becoming a Gobee Captain:

– Free 50HKD of riding credits from us each time you run an event.

– Free promotion across our marketing channels on our end.

– Free Gobee T-shirt.

– Privilege to create events in our meetup group.

– Opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and meet new friends.

Does this excite you? To apply, simply write to us at with the subject title “Gobee Captain” to apply. Would be helpful if you could list out all the events you have hosted in the past and/or ideas you may have when it comes to routes for conducting the Gobee social rides.

Basically, give us reasons why we should choose you amongst many others. We will meticulously vet each application on our end and if successful, we will notify you by email or phone.

Stay posted!

Win a trip for 2 to Phuket with the #gobeedate photocontest

Attention gobee lovers, the first #gobeedate photocontest is here.

Grab your other half, strike a pose with a gobee bike, and capture that ‘Kodak’ moment for your chance to be whisked away on a romantic gateaway with your other half to Phuket – courtesy of reward-U, the loyalty program of HK Express.

Sounds convincing, eh? So what’s the deal?

The terms are simple. All that is required is for you to find a significant other – or a willing protagonist in crime (hello, Tinder) – and locate a or two (or a mob if you will). Then stage the best set up you can possibly imagine and snap away!

For us to review your photo(s) and assess the winning piece, you will need to:

1. Like our facebook page.

2. Stage and shoot your best picture with your other half and at least one gobee bike.* Feel free to dress up and get as creative as you like.

3. Tag and share the picture on both your facebook walls.

4. Hashtag #gobeedate and #rewardU.

We will judge internally based on creativity and originality. The competition will run from 1-30 September so feel free to submit as many photos as your heart desires.

The winner will be announced in the first week of October and will hear from us. He/she will then receive a prize notification letter from reward-U with instructions as to how to redeem the flights.

Tips to increase the odds of flying:

* Your imagination knows no boundaries. So feel free to dress up, get some props, bring in the animals, or pool together a mob of gobee.bikes to stage the most creative and original photo you can fathom.

* Feel free to submit as many pictures as you like. Just remember to hashtag, tag and share them all.

* It is advisable to post and hashtag on both facebook and instagram as we will troll through both of these platforms to select the winning masterpiece.

*Important Terms & Conditions:

* Our bike(s) have to be clearly visible in order to fulfil our eligibility criteria. That is, it is not a “spot the in the photo” type of contest. Repeat – this is not a “where’s wally?” exercise. If our green bike(s) is not visible to the naked eye at first glance, it will be ruled out of the admission criteria. Sorry!

* We are covering the cost of the flights only for 2 persons up to the value of 270,000 reward-U points (enough to redeem a round trip to Phuket). Any accommodation and miscellaneous expenses are to be borne by the winning couple.

* For the winner to redeem the flights, he/she will need to sign up for a rewardU account (at no cost). Note that the winner will have the discretion to not fly to Phuket as he/she will be rewarded with 270,000 points to redeem any flights to any destination (extra cost differential to be borne on the incumbent) before 31 Dec 2017.

* By entering the #gobeedate photocontest and hashtagging, you have implicitly granted the right to feature your photo(s) across our social media channels without needing your explicit prior consent.

* In any cases of dispute, the rights of final decision belong to and rewardU.

We decided to rebrand. Here’s why.

“Follow the bee to discover your new destination…” started as a simple idea: to create a service that could help facilitate short commutes for the local Hong Kong community, improve urban mobility, and in doing so, reduce congestion and pollution.

When we first developed our identity in March, when we initially conceived of this concept of bike-sharing for Hong Kong, we thought the bee would best symbolise what our services stand to represent: community, freedom and interconnectivity.

Why? First and foremost, the bee symbolises community, brightness and personal power. Follow the bee to discover your new destination. On a similar vein, anyone can, at anytime, ride our bikes to any new destination of their choosing without having to return them to where they initially found them. In essence, our bikes empower individuals with newfound freedom – the freedom to explore new areas previously unknown to them, the freedom to discover oneself (with a new hobby), and the freedom to ride to work as an alternative means of transport.

Moreover, bees are also one of the most productive species in the animal kingdom. They stay focused on whatever they are doing and do not get sidetracked from their goal. This reflects the hard working spirit and laser focus of our team who have been working arduously, day in and night, to fuel and further the growth of the company since our inception.

A little piece of trivia: did you know that the bees’ legs are one of their most sensitive organs? They actually use them to taste. Through the usage of the bee as our corporate imagery, we hope to remind people in Hong Kong – who perpetually live busy lives – to slow down, to smell the flowers and taste the sweet nectar of life.

Last but not least, the bee is a highly important pollinator of many plants; they hold the power of service. When landing upon a flower to collect its nectar, pollen also attaches itself to the leg. This is then passed on to other flowers, creating a fertilisation process. Their movement from one plant to plant represents the interconnectedness of all living things. The bumblebee is a messenger bringing the secrets of life and service. Through our bike-sharing operations, we too hope to service the community at large and bring people together through a shared love of riding and a shared passion to reduce carbon emissions and promote a greener and cleaner environment.

Which now brings us to the choice of our new logo…

As you can see, the bee has now been simplified and stands in a more abstract form to its predecessor. If one were to look more closely, you would also be able to visualise the word ‘go’. We believe this imagery bears more resonance to our new corporate identity of a brand that stands to represent freedom, innovation, trendiness and authenticity.

As we set to scale internationally in our journey, we hope to carry forward both the friendly and industrious spirit of the bee as we continue to service a broader, and more global community. At the same time, we strive to introduce a sense of newfound freedom, liberation, and a shared sense of interconnectivity amongst all gobee riders.

The GoBee Ride. Two Wheels, One Community – Tour of Kam Tin

Hello Fellow GoBee Fans!

What if you could connect with other people near you who just want to go out for a ride every now and then?

That would be a social cyclists dream come true.

For those of you who were aware, we originally planned for our first GoBee Community Ride on 24th June with Velo 6, a cycling cafe in Central. Due to adverse conditions, however – and much to our chagrin – we had to unceremoniously cancel the event.

That said, don’t despair. Contributing back to the community in the form of lowering carbon emissions, reducing congestion and making short commutes much more efficient for Hong Kong people is at the core of why we exist. It is what propels us to work so hard everyday, giving us purpose and meaning to achieve something bigger than ourselves.

As an extension of our endeavours to better serve the community at large, orchestrating social rides to connect like-minded individuals together is another major initiative underpinning our overriding mission.

To better run our social rides (what we have now dubbed “GoBee Rides”), we have partnered with EcoGreen Hong Kong. Led by a group of professional Eco and Geo guides, many of their guides have accumulated more than 10 years of experience and are the Recommended Geopark Guide (R2G) by the Hong Kong Geopark.

So what can one expect from these social riding tours? Apart from sight-seeing and meeting (and making) new friends amongst the group, the Eco guides will share some in-depth insights with riders on ecological and geological theory and environmental sustainability.

For those who are interested, our next social ride is scheduled for 29th July, Saturday. We will meet at 10am outside Yuen Long MTR Exit J with a batch of shiny new aluminium GoBee bikes awaiting us. The journey will roughly take 2 hours and we will say our farewells to each other at Kam Sheung Road MTR.

Spaces are limited to 20 pax and is filling up fast. To sign up for our next GoBee Ride, please email with “GOBEE RIDE – KAM TIN” as the subject. First come, first serve basis. As we care about your safety, we have arranged for brand new helmets to be provided by Nutcase. Please bring your own water bottles (our bikes are equipped with baskets).

*Note: a nominal fee of 20HKD per person will go to the guide. Standard GoBee bike rental fees apply (i.e. 5HKD for 30 minutes).

Two wheels, one community. That is what our GoBee Rides strive to achieve. Are you ready to ride with us?

Introducing the GoBee Community Ride

Come join us in our first positive social cycling movement! To register, email us at with “GOBEE RIDE” in subject title.

Hello all you cycling aficionados and friends of GoBee!

After more than six weeks in operation, the time has come and we are proud to introduce to you our very first GoBee Community Ride.

Cycling with us improves the quality of life, inspires our community, and contributes to meeting others and making new friends. Through our positive social bicycle rides, we hope to increase community awareness about riding safety, how our station-less smart bikes work, and of course, how to have some fun outdoors with other cycling enthusiasts.

To kickstart this social cycling movement, our first Gobee Community Ride event will be a joint collaboration between the cycling cafe Velo 6 x HYAKU cold pressed juices.

Details of the riding itinerary are set out below:

No. of Participants: 15 bikes in total. Please register by emailing us*.

Route: Round trip from Central to Kennedy Town and back

Date and Time: 24th June 2017, 3:30pm-6:30pm.

Cost: Nothing. We are waiving the rental fee. However, as part of the demo, attendees will still be required to download our app and register, thereby incurring the 399HKD safety deposit fee (which is refundable).


15:30 –Congregate outside Velo6 cafe (6 On Wo Lane, Central) and greet our bikes, members from our team, and fellow riders. Sip on some cold-pressed HYAKU juice to quench your thirst.

16:00 – Start riding

16:20 – Arrive Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park – Picture time (checkpoint 1)

16:50 – Arrive Western Wholesale Pier – Picture time (checkpoint 2)

17:40 – Ride back to Velo6

18:15 – Completion of the ride and mingle at Velo6. Hydrate with more HYAKU juice or coffee and ice-cream served at Velo6.

*To register of this event, simply email us at with “GOBEE RIDE” in the title. We have a quota of 15 bikes available. First come first serve basis.

GobeeFit Summer Promotion: Spin More to Win a Fitbit

With summer just around the corner, it is time to get FIT. And what trendier way to get fit than to be spotted spinning on our beaming green bikes. Only this time around, we have provided the extra motivation for people to get fit by partnering with FitBit in our “GobeeFit Summer Promotion”.

So what’s the deal? Simply, whoever rides the most in the month of June will will a Fitbit Blaze (Plum colour), and whoever rides the most* in the month of July will win a Fitbit Alta (Teak colour). How is that for an incentive to shed some pounds this summer.

The basic terms of the promotion are as follows:

  1. To enter, simply like or react to our facebook “GobeeFit Summer Promotion” post and share the page with your friends.
  2. The start and cut-off dates for the length of the ride calculations will be from 1st June – 30th June (for the Fitbit Blaze) and 1st July – 31st July (for the Fitbit Alta).
  3. Winners will be announced in the first week of the following month respectively.
  4. Redemption of the prizes will be at our office in WeWork, Wan Chai.
  5. * We will measure “ride the most” by the users who spend the most time on our bikes.

Fitbit Blaze

A revolutionary watch designed with fitness in mind, the Fitbit Blaze can monitor heart rate, sleep patterns and allows you to control your smartphone’s music playlist.

With its attractive watch-like design, colour display, strap choices, and extra fitness features, the blaze is suitable for any modern fitness enthusiast.

More information can be found on the website by clicking here.

Fitbit Blaze

A revolutionary watch designed with fitness in mind, the Fitbit Blaze can monitor heart rate, sleep patterns and allows you to control your smartphone’s music playlist.

With its attractive watch-like design, colour display, strap choices, and extra fitness features, the blaze is suitable for any modern fitness enthusiast.

More information can be found on the website by clicking here.

Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta™ syncs wirelessly to computers and 200+ devices, so you can log food, record workouts, explore your trends and connect with friends—all in one place.

With metal, leather and classic accessory bands, and collections from the world’s leading fashion designers, Fitbit Alta makes it easy to create a look that fits the occasion.

More information can be found on the website by clicking here. Officially Debuts in Hong Kong on 19 April 2017

Greeted by sunny weather and crisp blue skies, the team debuted a sample of it’s first fleet of bright green bikes in Sha Tin on 19 April 2017. Our team and our freshly minted bikes were warmly welcomed by attendees ranging from friends, investors, press and local Hong Kong citizens.

Raphael Cohen, CEO and co-founder of, introduced our smart bikes to the crowd. In just two taps, riders can conveniently unlock the bike by scanning the QR code with their smartphone – “just like magic”. Since the bikes are station-less, users can simply park the bike after their ride at any legal parking area and lock up.

For those who missed out on the launch event, below is a short clip that captures the essence of the day.

And a gallery of pictures…

On behalf of the, we would like to thank you to all those who came to support us. Your moral support and kind words of encouragement definitely means a lot to us!